Algo complejo y sencillo a la vez/// Boys and girls, sex and drugs

Artist: Dido
Track: Hunter
Album: Greatest Hits (Deluxe Edition)

Artist: The 1975
Track: Robbers + Rain

Artist: Bon Iver
Track: Beth/Rest (Rare Book Room)
Album: Beth/Rest

Artist: concertoldham
Track: Song of Healing (Vintage Vinyl)

Artist: Lady Gaga
Track: Applause (Empire Of The Sun Remix)

Artist: Miley Cyrus
Track: Wrecking Ball (Studio Acapella)

Artist: Theophany
Track: Aquescent Symphony

Artist: Shinainaru
Track: Stone Tower Temple
Album: ?

Artist: Fall Out Boy
Track: Dance, Dance (String Quartet)
Album: String Quartet Tribute To Fall Out Boy